About us

Nitabiofarma is a company that offers beauty, cosmetic and personal care products made with natural and non-animal vegetable ingredients and organic crops. Among them you will find the Gel Mousse cleansing gel for the pores of the face and its softening, which also has a fresh touch of one of the most popular citrus fruits: lemon.món.

¿You want to discover how to retain the loss of volume of the skin and re-fill it? Nitabiofarma has the perfect formula through its collagen cream, with two varieties: the moisturizing for combination skin and the nutrient for dry skin.

Among our products you will also find hyaluronic acid for yourskin, which holds water in the fabric like a sponge. The molecule of this acid can fix and attract moisture up to 1,000 times, healing the skin, keeping the skin hydrated and firming it. In addition, we have a strengthening oil for your eyebrows and eyelashes, which contains natural extracts, vitamins and active ingredients, and a flash effect eye contour product that lightens fine lines and stimulates epithelial cells. Discover more products on our social networks!es!

We are also professionals inAdvanced esthetic) We offerfacial and body treatments for more information contact us on weekdays by email nitabiofarma@gmail.com.

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